Chefchaouen the scene of National Poetry Day in Morocco

The beautiful city of Chefchaouen is hosting the National Poetry Day of Morocco.

On 7 and 8 april, the annual National Poetry Day of Morocco held, this time the honor to Chefchaouen to do everything. Poets from all over Morocco will clash in the cultural city. The event is organised by the Ministry of culture and friends of Al Mouaatamid.

During this 32nd edition one will specially dwell on the work what songwriter and journalist Abderrafi has done for the poetry Jouhari. From his oeuvre will be different poems are nominated. In a press release of the Organization of this event is the role of Jouhari in Moroccan poetry. There will be a lot of attention to be paid to his oeuvre.

Jouhari was born in Fez in 1943 and is as an author best known for his book Nafida.