Not to mention illegal practices Israel Morocco at Al Aqsa Mosque

When it comes to violations of international law by Israel must also mosques.

Even shrines are not saved for rogue Israel. The sad regime and its authorities systematically try to ban access to believers the Holy Al Aqsa Mosque. With the necessary violence is made impossible the Palestinian Muslims to enter the prayer house, to the great disgust of the Moroccan Government. At a meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Ambassador of Morocco fiercely on the issue.

Mohamed Aujjar says with deep concern and indignation on behalf of Morocco to follow the situation there. According to him, Israel does everything to make the Islamic identity of Al Quds and the religious heritage. Of peace is achieved if one agrees that Al Quds (Jerusalem) will be the capital of Palestine.

Also says the very remarkable Aujjar to find that Israel, which takes as a country of peace, from such a painfully and brutally policy acts. Do justice to the Palestinians is inevitable if we want to reach a peace solution according to Aujjar.

al aqsa