China and Morocco signs plan to industrial city in Tanger to construct (video)

King Mohammed VI has signed a plan to build an industrial town in the city of Tangier, with significant Chinese private investment.

The construction of the ' Mohammed VI Tanger Tech City ' is set to begin in the second half of next year, and plans to host at around 300,000 people. This project will also 100,000 jobs, which the inhabitants of the region Tanger will benefit from 90,000 of these jobs.

It is hoped that Chinese companies flock to Tanger will come to factories to set up and to use it as a springboard for sales in Africa and Europe. The China-based aviation company Sobha Group has agreed to be part of the first phase.

An initial investment of 100 million us dollars, the plan will kill off Morocco hopes that further billions of investments, which will be added in the next decade.

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YouTube linkVideo credit: CGTN Africa

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