Girl raped on Facebook Live

A 15-year-old girl from Chicago is raped by multiple perpetrators while presumably last weekend dozens of people meekeken via Facebook Live.

No one who saw it happen called the police. Only after the mother of the victim had gotten the images later, was action taken.

The mother stepped Monday directly to a local police chief. When that just finished a press conference on another topic they confronted him with images of the horrific event. At that time her daughter was still missing. The police put several detectives on the case. They found the girl Tuesday and brought her to a hospital. The search for the perpetrators is still in progress.

Facebook spoke in a statement of "horrible crimes" and suggested not to allow this kind of image material. Or in this case notifications are done by other Facebook users, the company wanted according to the newspaper USA Today do not say.

Facebook is working on technology that allows live streams in the holes can be held. Such an algorithm should "nudity, violence and other things that don't fit".