Witnesses London: all hell broke loose

The attack at the Parliament building in London Wednesday afternoon led to panic. Witnesses speaking in front of British media about squeals, screeching and dozens of fleeing people.

A man would with a so-called 4 x 4 have been run on pedestrians on the Westminster Bridge, near the Parliament building. According to bystanders crashed the car on the bridge, after which the driver sits on foot in the direction of Parliament ran.

"There was smoke coming from the vehicle," said a man at Sky News. He initially thought to have witnessed an accident. "The man who I assumed was the driver, got out of the car and ran away suddenly. That was followed by four sounds that sounded like shots. "

"Then all hell broke loose. The police came from all sides and the area was sealed off, "the witness. Another man told how he was taking photos of Big Ben when suddenly people are side on ran. He saw how a ' Asian man ' was walking around with a knife and was pursued by the police.There has been one confirmed dead.