Rare whale washed up near Al Hoceima

A rare whale stranded last week on the Torres beach near Al Hoceima. The Association of Organized Research (Agir) is preparing to start research to identify and confirm the type of whale it goes.

The whale is 5.2 metres long and weighs 700 kg. It manifests the characteristics of the spade-toothed whale species, this is a little known species and the most rare species of .

"We are still not 100% sure of the type of whale, but we are going to investigate and begin using the genetic samples to the analysis, "said Hammoud Nibani, President of Agir.

The whale species live in deep water was first time in New Zealand, when observed in 2012 a whale and her calf to Wal were flushed.

Once the analysis is complete the Association wants to the bones of the extract and the whale skeleton on metal frames, so that the whale can be displayed in an ecological museum, reports Moroccoworldnews.

"This will help us to new reliable scientific data on this species, and we can also create awareness and biodiversity show the public " Thus the President of Agir.

Since the years 2000 are many dolphins, whales washed up on the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, including dolphins and whales. The Agir Association and the Ministry of sea fishing work together with the local fishermen to protect the cetaceans.

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