Three Moroccans arrested in Spain for glorifying terrorism and recruit for Daesh

The Spanish security forces yesterday arrested three Moroccan nationals suspected of glorifying terrorism and recruiting for Daesh in the provinces of Valencia and Barcelona.

A 45-year-old man with the Moroccan and Spanish nationality suspected of "glorifying terrorism and cooperation with the terrorist organization Daesh" was arrested in Benetusser (Valencia), reported a statement by the Spanish Ministry of internal affairs.

The defendant had allegedly published hundreds of terrorism-related content on the internet with the aim to recruit a large number of people and having it travel to conflict areas in order to strengthen Daesh, said the same source.

"His actions constituted a real threat to public security, "said the Ministry, adding that the accused made use of social networks to "glorification of terrorism to spread through content with a violent content and by Al Qaeda in the past and currently to Daesh prices. "

In addition there are two other persons with the Moroccan nationality, respectively 26 and 37 years old, arrested in the city Roda de Ter (Barcelona) as part of a counter-terrorism operation performed by the Catalan police.

According to a statement of the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police), these two persons suspected of glorifying terrorism and are involved in the recruitment for Daesh through social networks, as well as incitement to commit terrorist attacks.