MPs THINK left standing in protest

The three members of the political party think its Thursday in protest just stay put at the beginning of the installation of the new second Chamber.

TAM Kuzu and his party enjoyed Selçuk Öztürk and Farid Javed are dissatisfied with the places that they have in the Chamber of the House of representatives.

The three stayed at the time that Chamber President Khadija Arib spoke about the attack on Wednesday in London. KUZU, Öztürk and Javed soon went back down.

The distribution of seats in the lower House happens more or less on ideological order: the SP is all on the left side of the Chamber and the PVV on the right. NRC reported Wednesday that for the time being, THINK on the back row is classified, sandwiched between two other parties and to far to the left.

Not only think is dissatisfied with the seat distribution. Thierry Baudet and Theo Hall of the Forum for democracy (FVD) are all on the right, next to the PVV. Party leader Baudet gave earlier that he his Forum as a middle party looks and a spot beside the PVV therefore not. Remarkably, Hall said Thursday in an interview with the associated press that in his eyes hardly differences between the FVD and the PVV.

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