UN investigating crimes against Rohingya

The United Nations Human Rights Council will send a mission to Myanmar, the former Burma.

The team must consider whether Myanmar security forces are guilty of excessive force against the Muslim Rohingya, who are a minority in the country.

The UN Human Rights Council, which voted Friday in 47 countries, with a resolution on sending a team to Myanmar. The European Union had called for the investigation.

At the end of February, the UN in a report alarm about the violence against Rohingya. Security forces would become widespread guilty of murder, rape and torture. The report was based on interviews with over two hundred Rohingya.

It is unclear whether the team can travel to Myanmar on behalf of the UN. A Myanmar Government spokesman called "the research is unacceptable".

China and India were skeptical about the decision to send a team to Myanmar. The Chinese delegation said that the issue of the Rohingya "not from one day to another can be solved".

China Friday also turned against the decision of the UN Human Rights Council to investigate human rights violations in North Korea to expand and deepen. According to China is better to dialogue with the Stalinist regime in Pyongyang.

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