Bodies of missing Moroccan and Senegalese fishermen found

The lifeless bodies of two fishermen who were still missing after a collision between a fishing boat and a Russian cargo ship off the coast of Barcelona, are found.

The body of the Moroccan man (34 years) yesterday in the late afternoon near the wreck of the sunken fishing boat found by a submarine robot, whereupon it by divers of the Guardia Civil was extracted from water, reports a Civil Guard statement to the media.

The body of the Senegalese visser (37 years old) was found in the night of Thursday to Friday by the same submarine robot, before also He was extracted by the divers out of the water.

The Spanish security services put the investigation in to the causes and the exact circumstances of the collision to determine.

The Moroccan and Senegalese men were on board the fishing boat called "El Fairell" last Monday that sank after the collision with a Russian cargo ship. The captain of the fishing boat and a fisherman were rescued by the crew of the Russian cargo ship and were transferred to a hospital in Barcelona, while the two other fishermen were not found.

The collision between the two boats is due to an error by the Russian cargo ship.