Effective and dominant against Morocco African Nations Cup semi finalist Burkina Faso (video)

The Lions v/d Atlas did good business last night at the Grand Stade de Marrakech.

The collective which during the African Cup was already forged could last night and upcoming Tuesday better form. In the first game, against the semi finalist at the last Africa Cup, Morocco won convincingly. The serious exhibition game ended in a 2-0 profit in favor of the team by national team manager Hervé Renard. The goals came from powerful offensives and came on behalf of Fabi Fajr and Aziz Baldock.

The initial phase was a little tricky for the Moroccan national team, it took a while before the Lions v/d Atlas could stabilize the ball possession. As the race progressed, it was primarily the half of Burkina Faso was played. The 2-0 win can still somewhat flattering to be mentioned, in addition to conducting the game one could still easy on 3-0. The inserted Khalid Bali, active on the second level in France, forgot to score after he presented a world chance got: the ball went high over.

Moreover, the credits to goalkeeper Munir who, like on the African Cup as an absolute certainty gold in the goal, yet another cleansheet for the goalie of CD Numancia.

Munir; Dirar, El Yamiq, Saiss, Mendyl (N); Belhanda (Boutaïb), El Ahmadi, Ballard; Fajr (Azaro), And-Nesyri (Baldwin), Baldock (Bammou).

[video = youtube; p91yVbTKdzg] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = p91yVbTKdzg [video]

[video] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = p91yVbTKdzg [/video]