Moroccan ex-police officer arrested in Germany on suspicion links with Daesh

The 63-year-old Michael t. would recruit and assist them financially for Daesh.

Last Thursday the German authorities at European level could searched Daesh sympathizer. The 63-year-old Michael t. who got refugee status in Portugal in 2013 was for quite some time without a trace for the domestic and foreign intelligence services. After working with the Portuguese authorities determined the man in Germany in the collar.

It is noteworthy to mention that the accused getting pretty on age and past police officer was in Morocco. From a press release of the Portuguese security services show that the one the man suspect of recruiting and financial assistance to terrorist organization Daesh. Or the man is physically has joined Daesh is left open in the press release.

Earlier, the 26-year-old Hicham e. detained in France, he would be a time are made with t. during their period in Portugal.

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