Halal tourism in Peru

Sonesta Hotel El Olivar in Peru is the first hotel in Lima with a Muslim friendly accreditation.

The hotel is located in Lima, the capital of Peru, South America. The city is home for the largest population of Muslims in the country and offers various facilities such as mosques and halal dining options.

This 5-star luxury hotel offers its guests a host of Islamic facilities. The modern rooms are on request equipped with prayer cloths, prayer times, clothing, the Koran and markers for the prayer direction. In the Hotel you will find prayer spaces and you can get a list with the nearby mosques one of which is the Asociacion Islamica Del Peru.

Sonesta offers halal food in the Restaurant El Olivar. Would you even outside the hotel is also a list available of food than a few nearby eateries and restaurants serving halal cuisine.

During Ramadan, the hotel offers special Iftar and Suhoor facilities to for her Muslim guests. Take advantage of the swimming pool can also, because there are separate hours for men and women.

The hotel is located in the heart of the shopping area and business district and in the proximity of some of the city's major attractions. The Jockey Plaza Shopping Centre and the cultural center are tips to visit and not too far. This makes it a fine hotel for both business and holidaymakers.Source: