Spotlight: Baby calls after profit party Verhoeven ring in and challenges him (video)

Then it was Rico who challenged, this time the Dutchman Badr the challenge with Ben S.

J Baby was good for a win against Guto Inocente 39 at Glory in Brussels. After his victory gave the martial artist in the microphone to one more thing to like, a party with Verhoeven which he earlier during it's Showtime all defeated. Since Rico Verhoeven also was present as a commentator at the tournament didn't Baby not to invite him, the ring in.

Rico did his headphones off, stepped into the ring in and stood for some seconds face to face with Baby. The al early stare-down was soon terminated by its interview star of Glory. After there over and over again with challenges and tough talk seems to be entered into the challenge was interspersed by Verhoeven. May soon be just such a big spectacle in the run-up to the game with Badr Hari.

[video = youtube; pdWhZ_Vxl5g] v = pdWhZ_Vxl5g [/video]