Beauty Talks: Argan Oil

In our series Beauty Talks about natural Moroccan beauty products today focus attention to the Moroccan " gold ", or argan oil.

The argan tree is an endangered tree species and its oil is so rare. Because it so much benefits for consumption, cosmetics and medical purposes is a expensive oil and hence the name Moroccan gold.

- It is good for the heart, because the oil acid, also called Omega-9, a unsaturated fatty acid contains what great benefits for the heart.-It leaves the immune system of the body because the prostaglandin contains.
-The oil contains many Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant, antioxidants protect the body cells.
-Argan oil promotes proper digestion, it increases the levels of pepsin, which is important for the digestive system.In short, argan oil is a natural oil which in addition has a positive influence on health.Argan oil is also a good vehicle to use as cosmetics and we have a number of great tips for you.Tip 1: argan oil as moisturizer for your hair; the essential unsaturated fatty acids nourish the roots of the hair, so your hair is, the greater of also helps split ends.Tip 3: argan oil as nail Strengthener; It strengthens your nails by the vitamin E that is in it. Smear a little on your nails is sufficient.Tip 5: On your face as anti-age oil; first clean your face and rub a dash of argan oil warm in your hands. Then massage it in circle movements over your face.Tip 7: argan oil as aftersun,; lubricate yourself there after sunbathing.This versatile natural oil deserves a spot on the bedside table of all the one made of natural, healthy and beauty. It is pure and contains no chemical agents. The argan oil lives up to its name as "Golden oil ", which name it is well worth it, because it creates a golden beauty!Until the next beauty talks!

argan oil