Report: Dakhla first city in Africa with Oyster cultivation (video)

The Moroccan town of Dakhla is the first city in Africa with a number of oyster farming units. In 2018, it aims at a production of 80,000 tons per year.

The jewel of the Sahara provinces is blessed with a beautiful long lagoon with a dozen production sites of these shells, in particular the Azura unit that King Mohammed VI recently inaugurated.

Oyster farming units work according to international standards to this marine molluscs, valued in Morocco and elsewhere in the world, to produce.

Oysters are not only a treasure "for its wealth and its variants, but also because it is a complete food, rich in high-quality protein. The oyster contains iron, magnesium, potassium for proper heart function, copper and manganese as well as calcium is essential for bone formation and cell function ", say experts.

According to Mohamed Bouhja, the Director of the Regional Investment Center ', the Azura unit took an investment of 80 million dirham, the economic potential of the region of Dakhla invigorating.

The production of Dakhla oysters is intended for both the domestic market and for export.

Lefr360 made a report at oyster farming units in Dakhla, interesting to see and after the first minute French go the interviews about in Darija.

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