Pope Francis visits a Moroccan family in Italy (video)

Pope Francis visited last Saturday a Moroccan family in Milan.

The Mihoual family, consisting of a Moroccan couple and three children, got Saturday a visit of Pope St Francis as part of a visit of the Pope to Milan.

According to the Italian media made the family Mihoual part of three families, two of them Italian, who live in the area Forlanini.

Abdelkarim Mihoual, the father, works in a pharmaceutical company and lives in Italy since 1989. In 1996 he married his wife Hanane in Marrakech and took her to Italy. The couple has two daughters and a son between the ages of 6 and 17 years old.

The couple gives each Saturday volunteer lesson in the Arabic language in a school nearby.

"It was very emotional. It was like receiving a friend at home, "said Abdelkarim Mihoual to reporters.

The Mihoual family welcomed the Pope with dried fruit and delicacies, but also with milk and dates according to the Moroccan tradition.

[video = youtube; r_z-KBrKjDk] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = r_z-KBrKjDk [/video]

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