Moroccan Embassy in Paris help minor illegal street children

The Moroccan consular authorities in Paris have shown their willingness to contribute to a solution of the social situation of street children in the French capital, which supposedly of Moroccan origin.

In a statement issued by the Moroccan Embassy stressed FOLDER that the Moroccan consular authorities in Paris recently was asked to the city of Paris, to help find a solution to the social situation of these undocumented young people, of which it is assumed that this Moroccan nationals and living on the street in the 18th arrondissement.

In this connection, a meeting was held in the Prefecture of Paris, in which the Consulate-General of Morocco stated its readiness to mediate in these young people, some of whom speak only Arabic and Spanish, and to facilitate the search aimed at tracking down family members in Morocco and to reunite them with each other, said the same source.

The consular authorities also gave their willingness to contribute to any solution that these young people z.s.m. of the street and protects them from the risks associated with the street life, in cooperation with civil society associations already active in this area in Paris, added the statement.

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