Huge number of fake reports undermine Morocco fire (video)

It is intended that you sign the free number of the fire brigade belt if you are witness of a fire or accident, however there are a lot of "pranksters" that false declarations and wasting the time of the fire.

Lefr360 for 1 night took a behind the scenes look at one of the emergency rooms in Casablanca. Where the 2000 phone calls there were only 200 actual notifications. The rest were "pranksters" with false reports, people under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or callers who only firefighters insulted.

A major problem in this is that there is no sentence on this prank calls and the fire department can take no steps here. A suggested solution would be, according to 1 of the fire staff, to the free sign number one paid line, but the risk that one than in real danger no longer can call is too large.

[video = youtube; DV5cApGx1A0] v = DV5cApGx1A0 [/video]

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