McDonald's Morocco and Marrakech du rire ' launch ' stand-up comedy contest

McDonald's Morocco and ' Marrakech du rire "(comedy festival) have launched a contest for Moroccan talents in stand-up comedy, in which sixteen finalists the opportunity to present their first one-man show.

The first part of the contest, sponsored by Jamel Debbouze, takes place from 1 to 30 april. A call for applications will be launched and a specific internet platform will host the humorous videos of candidates who want to participate.

Each candidate will produce a humorous video on a certain topic and share it on this platform. Users can share videos they like and the like. Each like is worth 1 point and each action is worth 5 points.

The comedian who has posted the video with the most points will be part of the finalists, along with 15 other candidates.

During this period will be a travelling mobile studio candidates the opportunity to act in the McDonald's restaurants in Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca and Tangier.

At the end of this phase, 40 candidates will be selected by the jury. They may then audition in the ' Studio of the living arts ' in Casablanca and the French Institute in Marrakech. 15 finalists will be finally selected by a jury consisting of, among others, the Moroccan comedian Miz and coach Oscar Sisto.

The 16 finalists will benefit from a training week given by Oscar Sisto of 24 to 31 June in Marrakech. At the end of this week they will each present their stand-up comedy act on a big show at the French Institute in Marrakech, which live on the Facebook page of McDonald's Morocco will be broadcast.