Ratelband gets invitation by Erdogan

Emile ratelband goes next week to Turkey.

The positiviteitsgoeroe is for ' a job ' requested by the Turkish president Recep Tayyip ErdoÄŸan. "So I'm just a day or four, five road", so he says to Show News.

Most people do not know according to Emile that he regularly gives training courses in countries such as Turkey, Russia and China. "I do at a high level," said the Wayne-roeper, which charmed is by Erdogan.

"I am behind his ideas. I am in favour of that man and what he says ", enumerates on." when I see that 80% of the Turkish population with him. I have learned one thing: a leader has a vision and that vision is not understood by most people. But most say afterwards: it's a good thing he has done that. "