Deputy Morocco loses case full of jewelry during trip to Paris

The contents of the case amounted to about 10,000 euros!

A representative of the Moroccan Government, which wishes to remain anonymous, held an unpleasant reminder about to her visit to Paris. The woman would according to Le Parisien a suitcase full of precious jewelry are lost on her way to 4-star hotel in the French capital. In the suitcase were covered in other earrings, necklaces, collars and item what's above the jump; a chain of the expensive brand Cartier.

The woman departed from Oujda international airport to Orly airport of Paris. Still unknown at which time the suitcase was stolen, the victim still gave to opposite Le Parisien so stupid to have been her the suitcase not locked to do. The matter is currently under investigation by the French police, this will soon be the Member of staff who have the luggage goes.