Report: ostrich farm in Dakhla (video)

Besides oyster farming Dakhla also has specialized in the breeding of ostriches.

In Dakhla is a large ostrich farm with approximately 500 ostriches, houses 300 births a year.

Thanks to the dry and temperate climate offers Dakhla an environment suitable for the breeding of this bird, which is generally in the savannas and the very dry regions of Africa live, South of the Sahara.

According to an employee of the ostrich farm is the ostrich appreciated for the meat, feathers and skin. But like the Peacock, is this giant bird also often shows up as decorative element in parks and gardens.

The price of a large ostrich, male or female, ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 dirham.

[video = youtube; 3Xxr9HX2m4k] v = 3Xxr9HX2m4k [/video]

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