Lalla Salma Foundation: metastatic cancer decreased last decades of 60% to 7%

From the cancer screening campaigns of the Lalla Salma Foundation showed that the number of diagnosed metastatic cancer fell below 7% in 2017.

"Metastatic cancer (cancer that secondary malignant cancers developed away from the primary site of cancer) fell below 7%, compared to 60% in 1997", said Hassan Eculais, President of the Moroccan Association of training and research in the Medical Oncology ' (AMFROM) on the sidelines of the 8th National Congress of medical oncology that began Friday in Rabat.

He added that this decrease reflects the positive impact of early diagnosis through screening and awareness-raising campaigns carried out by the Lalla Salma Foundation and in cooperation with the Ministry of health in all regions of the Kingdom.

The Congress focuses on the promotion of permanent medical education in medical oncology, reports Moroccoworldnews. It is also designed to all medical oncologists across the country to unite and to exchange knowledge.