Justice asks extradition father Insiya

The public prosecutor in Amsterdam with the Indian authorities submitted a request to extradite Shehzad h., the father of the kidnapped girl Insiya last year in Amsterdam.

Justice sees him as a suspect. That turned out Wednesday during the second pro-forma session in the case. H. would have given command his daughter away from her mother, Nadia Rashid, who after the divorce had the authority over the child.

The then two year old Insiya was on 29 september last year kidnapped from the home of her grandmother in the Amsterdam neighbourhood Watergraafsmeer. She is probably at her father in India. Her mother has since had no contact with her kidnapped Insiya is: "my ex like that against, against the advice in," said Rashid.

The only suspect still in custody is to the kidnapping, the American Robert b., does not come free. The right be its call for the process to wait for in freedom. The danger that b. the legs takes is too big, according to the judge, and in addition, there are too many unfavorable statements about him.

B. was according to statements of co-defendants hired to Insiya's grandmother. He says that he only was put together in a hurry to hand over a document and he denies that he has used violence. He was overpowered by local residents and is since then.

In connection with the kidnapping arrested in Netherlands are five suspects, four men and a woman. Some of them said the idea to have had "something good to do," because father h. had convinced them that Insiya at heard him and not with her mother.

Another two suspects are arrested abroad (Iran and the United States). We are waiting for their extradition.