Malawi FRMF after financial support can still participate in African Cup qualifying 2019

After first withdrew can Malawi now wont turn with it, thanks to the Moroccan Football Federation!

The Football Association of Malawi some time ago came out with a statement that it would not participate in the qualification series for the Africa Cup 2019. This because it was not financially to yield for the bond. After a helping hand from the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF the country can still participate in the qualification series. This support is undoubtedly the result of the partnership which both unions recently locks.

After the matches between the Comoros and Mauritius which the Comoros as the strongest came from the bus is now the full program known. The points gained or lost are of Cameroon do not count, because the host country of the tournament. Below is an overview of the dates for the qualifying matches:
09-06-2017 Cameroon – Morocco
23-03-2018 Morocco – Malawi
05-09-2018 Comoros – Morocco
Morocco – Comoros 09-09-2018
12-10-2018 Morocco – Cameroon
09-11-2018 Malawi – Morocco

On paper a not too difficult ' road to Cameroon ' so for the team of Renard.

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