Moroccan Daesh Warrior killed in Syria

The Moroccan intelligence services have announced that the Moroccan Alae Daesh Kh., a warrior, is killed during fighting in Syria.

The 27-year-old Samantha Kh. is originally from Tetouan and decided two and a half years ago, joining Daesh. He died on 27-year-old age during battles in Syria, reported the Arabic language newspaper Al Ahdath yesterday.

Alae Kh. departed Casablanca to Turkey, after which he joined the terrorist organization in Syria. His family also had no idea of his plans. According to family members, he would have to believe that he just went to visit Turkey in the company of his friends. Once arrived he contacted his family to tell them that he was in a camp Daesh sat.

In a statement to Al Ahdath says Mohammed Benaissa, a researcher who specializes in terrorism cases, that many Moroccans are killed in Syria and Iraq. Morocco is the third largest provider of jihadists in the area. It ranks behind Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.