Moroccan Football Federation FRMF to focus on black trade football cards

With the Ministry of Home Affairs is to put a stop to the illegal trade in football cards.

The Moroccan Football Federation has long been struggling with the problem of illegally obtained football tickets. In Morocco there would be a real market on which the match tickets are traded intensively, to the detriment of the clubs and the local authorities. Under more when it comes to maintaining public order you encounter a problem, there are usually sold more cards than the capacity that a stadium can bear. This problem is especially addressed in Casablanca where one has its hands full to supporters groups of Raja and Wydad.

According to the Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia, the FRMF from now the illegal trade increased, together with the Ministry of the Interior and some departments of the Ministry of finance hopes to be able to stabilize the market.

By Raja and Wydad Casablanca is now known that from next season a ticket office ticket sales is taking on, SDL Casa Event, this task is so by the company retrieved from the clubs. Overall is there pressure thought about it to in every stadium automatic entrance gates to post, as a result, the market can be digitized what detriment comes from the illicit trade.

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