Injured by riot Turkish Embassy in Brussels

In the event of a collision between supporters and opponents of the Turkish president Erdogan are Thursday for the Embassy of Turkey in Brussels three wounded.

Three people are stabbed, Belgian media reported. They are brought to a hospital.

The brawl would be created between the voters who came to vote for the referendum on the power of the Turkish president. The police intervened and separated the two groups of young people. The news agency Belga reported that the rest for the Embassy has returned. Justice examines the brawl in which according to the police earlier in the day "heavy incidents between supporters and opponents of Erdogan".

In Turkey is the referendum on whether the president with a lot of power to lead the country on 16 april. The president is formally still a ceremonial figure and the Prime Minister leads the Government. Erdogan wants to govern as president with power further.

In many countries outside Turkey with Turkish right before people can vote. In Belgium would almost 138,000 people in the Turkish referendum vote. In Netherlands are the polls open for Turkish voters from 5 to 9 april. There are approximately 250,000 people in Netherlands that than their can vote.