Wealthy businessman murdered in Safi

The police suspect a crime has been committed and someone has tried to make it look like suicide to look.

The security and intelligence services in Safi are wary since the discovery yesterday of the corpse of a businessman, the owner of a group of restaurants.

The victim, 65 years old, was bathed in blood found in his apartment near Amirates in Safi, Assabah today reports. The newspaper said that the body was found by the House staff and that there was a gun near the victim. The businessman was in fact died as a result of a number of bullets in his head.

The judicial police made an analysis of the crime scene for the transfer of the body to the morgue for autopsy. Documents and personal belongings were seized in the Office of the victim

Although the first hypothesis suicide was, does the police, which continues the investigation, instead now to a crime. They suspect that someone has staged the crime scene.