Akhannouch warns against the decline of fishery resources in the Mediterranean

The Minister of agriculture and fisheries, Aziz Akhannouch, warned yesterday against the decline of fishery resources in the Mediterranean during a Conference In Malta, where the fisheries ministers of the 15 countries around the Mediterranean Sea together came.

Akhannouch said: "the Mediterranean, a sea shared by several Member States, is experiencing a worrying situation, particularly a drop in fish stocks with effects on the situation of thousands of fishermen and their families".

The number of people working on board fishing vessels is more than 300,000. The Minister recalled that Morocco already "sustainable development and the preservation of natural resources in the heart of its priorities".

"The coordination between the different Mediterranean countries is necessary", he stressed, citing the example of the recovery of the fishery on bluefin tuna that "profited from approaches on the basis of consultation and coordination between the coastal States ".

The European Commissioner for fisheries, Karmenu Vella, called for strengthening cooperation to "to the world to show that a strong Mediterranean Alliance can succeed".

Morocco, and all the other 14 countries, signed a Ministerial Declaration called "MedFish4Ever". The purpose of the statement is to strengthen governance for the achievement of the environmental, economic and social sustainability of the Mediterranean Sea, said the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries.

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