Residents House Arnhem fixed after death robber

A 32-year-old woman and a 34-year-old man from Arnhem are arrested Thursday evening after a man had come to life that had their homes raided.

In the RAID on the House on the singel in the Arnhem area Van Limburg-East were according to police more robbers involved. For the robbery is still no one arrested.

After the robbery, according to the police. That happened during a pursuit. The police can not yet say by whom those shots are discharged. According to local residents jumped the 34-year-old man in a van after the robbery of a pizza delivery that in the street had. With that he went behind the van robber. He drove him to a nearby city square. The robber was killed.

The area surrounding the raided House is Friday still closed. The police is conducting investigation. There is also a neighborhood survey, which probably continues Saturday. The police camera footage from Thursday evening found, which have been seized. Among other things the House to the Limburg singel was secured with cameras.

The arrested man is a Chicago entrepreneur. Neighbors said Friday that he also acted against local media via Thereupon he would Sunday have offered an expensive watch. That would be the Raiders have lured to the House.