Emotional reunion of two brothers after liver transplantation in Marrakech (video)

A man (early twenties) donated part of his liver to his brother, who nearly died after being stabbed.

The transplant took place in the CHU hospital in Marrakech. The reunion between the two men after the operation was filmed and broadcast by the television channel Al Aoula.

The images of the fraternal embrace between these two men in the cold of the hospital room in the CHU in Marrakech have multiple people moved.

The recipient of the donation was stabbed with a knife during an attack in a neighborhood in Marrakech. His brother decided to save him from a certain death by donating part of his liver.

The two brothers are safe. The transplant recipient has to be for the rest of his life under medical treatment. The donor brother just have its diet for a few days.

As a reminder, Morocco lags behind organ transplants since the end of 2015. There were in Morocco only 3927 transplant operations, where about 10 liver transplants.

In this case, the operation was conducted by a team of Moroccan and French specialists.

[video = youtube; l8L3dpf-P78] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = l8L3dpf-P78 [/video]

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