Morocco safety threatened by return of Daesh fighters

The security of Morocco is threatened by the return of terrorists who fought in Syria and Iraq for Daesh. This is the conclusion of a report by European intelligence services where Europe, Morocco warns.

According to official information of the European intelligence services have almost 1600 Moroccans participated in battles for the Daesh terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria. Europe warns Morocco for the terrorists who return to home and attacks on Support Morocco, reports the Arab newspaper Al Ahdath.Under the 1600 Moroccans who joined the terrorist network in Syria and Iraq, are almost 550 people killed during the fighting. In the first report by the German intelligence service, published on Monday, March 27, said that hundreds of Moroccan and Tunisian terrorists are preparing for their return home, with the goal of to commit attacks on strategic institutions and other areas. A similar report of the European Centre for the fight against terrorism stresses the danger of the return home of these terrorists.The document, a copy of which Al Ahdath holds to know that about 650 gives Moroccans who were members of Daesh plan be able to return to their country of origin. Of which 50% of them the intention would have to commit terrorist acts.