Muslim-friendly tourism is gaining market share in Spain

For a country like Spain has more and more Muslims.

A rich Islamic heritage, a growing halal food industry, and increase the efforts between Hotels and tourism organizations to meet the needs of the Islamic visitors cater makes Spain an attractive destination for the Muslim traveler.

There are currently more than 300 companies in Spain that halal certified are. Currently there are two hotels that are halal certified Alando Hotel Marbella Melia and International. The latter is the largest hotel chain by the country and the location in Cordoba has halal facilities in the rooms for her guests.

Alanda Hotel Marbella is a 4-star hotel located on the Golden Mile of Marbella, at three kilometres from Marbella Old Town Center and the nearby Andalusian provinces.
The hotel has 199 rooms, five suites and various facilities and services including a swimming pool, a restaurant, a café, a spa, a gym and Wellness Centre. It offers halal food and prayer facilities in each room.

In 2009 is the first halal tourist agency founded in Spain. A other organization focused on halal travel is in Spain Al Andalus Experienxe as. This focuses on travel to Andalusia and its rich history.

All in all enough efforts what it worth for the Muslim traveller.


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