Official: friendly match against Morocco vs. Orange moved to Grand Stade d'Agadir (update)

Not in Casablanca but both teams will meet in Agadir.

Yesterday, the Moroccan Arryadia sports channel known to laden duel between the Lions v/d Atlas and Orange no longer in Casablanca will take place. The Stade Mohamed V what is currently still under renovation and will open on Monday for the Moroccan League, is not yet ready to play for an evening match. Therefore there will be diverted to the Grand Stade d'Agadir, the medium does still no communication on the exact time when the match will be played. In addition, the Moroccan Football Federation here yet either.

Where national coach Herve Renard especially Marrakech is visiting for training camps and competitions, chose his predecessor Badou Zaki settled for Agadir. The stadium which is also used during the two FIFA Club World Cups was giving place to more than 45,000 visitors. Were international matches of the Moroccan national football team under Zaki visited much busier than in Marrakech, with this special game in arrival will in all probability also than the stadium well filled.

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