Beauty Talks: Prickly Pear Oil

In our series Beauty Talks about natural Moroccan beauty products we focus attention on prickly pear oil today.

Most people who visited Morocco will the many cactus plants that grow in fields and along the streets sure have noticed. The most well-known to this plant is the "hendya", the Moroccan name for prickly pear that is eaten. But with this particular fruit is also oil.Prickly pear oilHow does that well anyway?

The prickly pear oil is extracted from the fruit of the prickly pear. It is a cactus plant that up to 5 meters high. After flowering grow prickly pears to the plant, these are egg-shaped fruits. Inside the are the seeds where the oil in it. The fruit has a peel where spines to be and must be carefully peeled. The sweet fruit that yellow flesh with the seeds can be eaten in its entirety.

The seeds are hand from the figs, then they are washed and placed in the Sun to dry. The following are the seeds with an oil press pressed and the oil. The production process for 1 litre of oil is 40 hours, It is therefore a precious oil. The pure oil can be recognised by a light green color. In Morocco, the largest production location of the Cactus figs and Morocco is also the largest exporter of prickly pear oil. The oil is only for external use and not to consume.

What can we all face on cosmetics area?

The oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid among others what promotes cell renewal, vitamin E skin aging, and sterols that retain moisture in the skin. It is also a very strong antioxidant, making it quite healthy for the skin and hair.


Tip 1: it can be used as anti-aging serum, the reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

Tip 2: prickly pear oil at scars, it helps scars fade away.Tip 3: prickly pear oil as facial serum, it stimulates the elasticity and hydration of the skin. You have only a few drops needed to your face to lubricate, clean first then rub your face 3 to 4 drops of oil with circular movements over your face and neck.
Tip 4: the oil as eye serum, it reduces bags under the eyes and dark circles, take 1 drop per eye and massage it gently on the skin around the eyes.Tip 5: the oil has a restorative and healing effect in acne and stretch marks and can be used over the whole body.
Tip 6: spread a little on your nails, it strengthens fragile and damaged nailsTip 7: the oil as hair care for hydration, flexibility and a beautiful gloss
Tip 8: the oil can help reduce hair lossTip 9: the oil can be used as a hair mask, massage a few drops for washing in your hair and let it withdraw half an hour, then wash your you her.
The oil is precious but also economical in use, the oil is not greasy and is quickly absorbed by the skin. It is next to the other oils also a place on the bedside table. Further, the organic fragrance free or other additions which makes it suitable for every skin type. It is a blessing for your skin and hair to them with this exotic oil to lubricate.Until the next beautytalks!

prickly pear oil