Casablanca residents not to mention reopening Stade Mohamed V (video)

Not everyone is as happy with the reopening of the stadium by Raja and Wydad Casablanca.

More than 220 million dirham took the much-needed renovation of the Stade Mohamed V. This Afternoon the complex is to be closed again after more than a year, Wydad Casablanca will receive FAR Rabat for Moroccan ' classic '. The Moroccan media Le360 went to the streets to gauge the views of the residents in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Predominant is a negative expectation of what is to come, the stadium goes for years accompanied by crime, vandalism and other forms of pollution. Similarly, the activity in the area strongly decrease if there is another contest.

[video = youtube; SIBl4kjamzA] v = SIBl4kjamzA [/video]

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