4th edition of the Astronomy Festival opened in Rabat

The 4th edition of the Rabat Astronomy Festival began on Saturday 1 april in the presence of a large audience of cosmic, lovers of all ages.

Organized by the Association Ribat Al Fath and with the theme "space exploration", this festival is to popularize the astronomy by making it accessible for the general public and especially young people, emphasized Abdelhafid Bani, President of the Association, in a statement to folder.

The launch of the activities of the festival was accompanied by the observation of Mars, Jupiter and the moon through telescopes to young people's interest in science and technology.

The program of the festival, which runs from 1 to 8 april, offers telescopic observations of the Moon, various conferences, workshops for children and planetarium sessions.

These activities take place in the multimedia centre of the Mohammed VI Foundation, the National mining school and the Faculty of natural sciences.