Breastfeeding in ' critical ' condition Morocco

Since Morocco has become a ' bottle feeding ' society is breastfeeding in ' critical ' condition, since only 27.8% of the babies to six full months are breastfed, reveal the latest figures from the Ministry of Public health.

The Ministry also stresses that only 26.8% of the mothers right after childbirth breastfeeding, infants get the other bottle feeding.

Despite continuous efforts to promote breastfeeding for babies and young children, the issue remains a cause for concern throughout the world, where less than 40% of infants under six months breastfeeding.

"This lack of interest in the natural milk to the infant, depends on the lifestyle of women has changed significantly in recent years. In urban areas, many women work and make career and prefer to give directly to the bottle. Others mistakenly think that breast milk not only provides for the need of the baby and prefer milk powder. Among the many benefits that breast milk has to offer is there was recently a link between babies that prolonged breastfeeding enjoyed and higher IQ test results which may result in better school performance and the success of the child ", said the Ministry.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers breast milk as the main factor to the first 6 months exclusive to the infant and the continuation of giving breast milk (in addition to other supplements) until the child is at least 2 years.

The WHO stated that "despite that breastfeeding a natural Act, it is also a learned skill", adding that many studies have shown that mothers and caregivers "active support for setting up and maintaining the correct breastfeeding skills need. "

The Ministry is currently a national breastfeeding awareness campaign started, which will take place from 1 april to 10 april.