' Killing by poison gas attack Idlib '

By an air raid, possibly with poison gas, are Tuesday in the province of Idlib in the Northwest of Syria at least 58 people lost their lives. Among them are eleven children. That reports the Syrian Observatory for human rights, that relies on medical sources.

According to activists of the Observatory was the attack on the city Khan Sheikhoun carried out by Syrian or Russian combat aircraft. Dozens of people were injured. In a video message spoke a doctor from an attack with poison gas. Paralysis-or choking victims showed symptoms and some had foam at the mouth.

The province of Idlib is largely in the hands of opponents of the Syrian Government.

Researchers at the United Nations have accused the Government in March in the preceding months in the battle for Aleppo and other places to have used chlorine gas. The Commission of inquiry by the UN Human Rights Council spoke of at least five chlorine gas attacks by loyalist forces.

The Syrian Government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons. A military spokesperson stressed Tuesday that the army no chemical weapons "used or has used, not in the past or in the future".

poison gas attack