Little animo at Moroccan sports associations for joint approach to doping

No less than 23 out of a total of 45 associations were absent during an official meeting on the fight against doping.

Despite a call from the National Olympic Committee of Morocco showed but little sports associations see themselves at a joint meeting. The Assabah Moroccan media reports that only 22 out of a total of 45 federations of Morocco were present at the meeting which was meant as the first step in the fight against doping. For no apparent reason by those absent one went along with point (e) the Ministry of youth and Sport at the table to discuss the problems.

From these consultations, however, came only from the National Athletics Association a constructive contribution. The realization continued to give more attention to this important issue in the near future, there are important financial and sporting interests in many sectors in the Moroccan economy. An attempt is made to take rigorous measures to go as soon as possible, in order to devise appropriate policies in the fight against what the sport much can cause harm.

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