Rabat-Salé-Temara in 2022 tramway connection with 29 kilometers extended

This extension makes the access for as many as 540,000 extra passengers smoking.

A proposal which already got approval in 2014 may soon be concrete forms. According to the Moroccan Aujourd'hui Le Maroc medium is the extension of the tramway connection between Rabat, Salé and about 5.6 billion dirham Temara costs. On the other hand, that the enlargement is an extra capacity of as many as 540,000 passengers. This also endorses the AAVB what about the décor of the public transport system in the region, by the dynamic development that the capital is undergoing such an extension would be necessary.

1. Temara: 5 km with 5 extra stops
2. Rabat: 14.3 km focused with 21 additional stops
3. Sale: 9.6 km with 17 additional stops

According to the AAVB is the covers the available timetable of the piece as much as 97% Rabat-Salé. It is known that there are 17,000 travel subscriptions closed it, mostly by students and school pupils. The male/female distribution which uses the Tramway is 46% compared to 54%. The extent to which there is driven finally amounts to only 1.12% black, thus the AAVB.

It is expected that enlargement is in 2022.

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