Moroccan taxi trade union asks Telecoms Regulator ANRT to ban Uber and Careem

The drivers ' Union is doing everything it can to competition of the popular apps Uber and Careem.

Just like that for a while, a lot to do in Netherlands, Uber and the other taxi-Careem app also located in Morocco. The services, of course, a large part of the income of the regular drivers disappear, can take on a lot of opposition. The Moroccan medium Assabah reported recently that the drivers Trade Union now makes the step to the Morocco's telecoms regulator, ANRT.

One would like to see these providers by the supervisor are prohibited. The ANRT is able to disable various applications and national applications, as we also saw some time ago at the bel-functionality of WhatsApp. Only those drivers who use the services in a legal way would need to be exempted, said Assabah.

This knock at the ANRT is part of various other steps that the Trade Union to the income of the regular driver. As explained earlier the ministers of several departments in one about the phenomenon: the ministries of Justice, employment and Home Affairs.