European security services urgently ask Morocco for help ahead of holiday period

Work to be done for the Moroccan services!

Even more than they already do is normally for the next few months enlisted the help of the Moroccan security services. The European services would currently only too happy to be joined by the Moroccans, reports the medium Ahdath Al Maghribia. Including France, Spain, Italy and Britain would have done a request also in the busy holiday period to be able to guarantee the safety of their citizens.

Still in the grip of fear of terror attacks on coastal places like Marbella Spain provides possible and further over the entire Costa del Sol. Great Britain, on the other hand, is already facing an attack and wants to do all it can to guard against Daesh warriors.

The Moroccan security service is known worldwide as one of the most effective, through the input of this service there were already countless attacks thwarted global. Hence, also, that it is a welcome partner in the fight against terror.