Pastis: ' Morocco is strategic partner of Spain, also in the field of energy '

Morocco is a strategic partner of Spain, also in the field of energy, according to Alfonso Pastis, the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and cooperation.

"Morocco is a strategic ally for us, including in the field of energy," said Dastis during an economic forum organized by the Spanish newspaper Cinco Días. The head of the Spanish diplomacy commented on a question about the importance of energy-Spain m.b.t. interconnections with the Kingdom of Morocco.

In the same context, José Folgado said, ' President of Red Eléctrica de España ', an important Iberian company in the electricity market, that he for the launch of feasibility studies for the installation of a third electrical connection between Spain and Morocco.

"We're going in Europe towards a new (energetic) model, whereby it is desirable to have a third submarine cable between Morocco and Spain, in addition to the two already existing cables," said Folgoda earlier this week at a press conference.