NCTV: concerned about children in Daesh area

Returnees from Syria and Iraq pose a risk to safety in the Netherlands. It is not only for adults but also for children that their parents are taken to Daesh-area.

This is stated in the Netherlands of the Terrorism Threat Image published today, national coordinator for counterterrorism and security (NCTV).

"Kids get the extreme values with the spoon and do not have to be converted or transformed. Minors in the ' Caliphate ' is from an early age learned that anyone who does not comply with the correct interpretation of should be killed ", State keeps in a Thursday also published additional study of the NCTV and General Intelligence and security service (AIVD).

The number of Dutch citizens in the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq by Daesh proclaimed is currently about 190, in this number approximately between the fifteen and twenty children over nine years. Younger children are not counted, of which there are an estimated between the sixties and seventies with a Dutch link to Daesh-area.

The NCTV fears that they are being indoctrinated and possibly willing to use violence if they return. "Children are portrayed as warriors, as happy and free. The propaganda tells much about the role that Daesh gives to children and tries to recruit. " But, added, children are first and foremost victim of Daesh. "Therefore, return per minor views which care, safety measures and interventions are appropriate."

The threat level remains in Netherlands, partly because of this threat, without prejudice to high. The chance of an attack is real, but there are no concrete evidence. The threat level is four on a scale of five. The largest threat still comes from jihadist corner. But the NCTV also calls it "to imagine" that attacks from right-wing corner, although there is no evidence for it.

The number of returnees stands at about fifty people. The number of uitreizigers is the last time very small. There are hardly any confirmed cases of Dutch jihadists who managed to reach the battle areas.