Five arrests at police action FC Twente

The police in Enschede has Thursday night five people detained in an investigation into drug trafficking in the supporters home by Pratap in the Grolsch Veste Stadium.

In the home, the police arrested three people and supporters outside the stadium two more people. All arrests are related to the research.

The investigation in the home supporters during the match FC Twente-PSV was already detected drugs earlier in the evening. This is according to the police a trade quantity, but it was not published for any drugs it goes. According to the police it was crucial the action during the game to do, because the likely than the largest was to drugs.

At home it came after the game to a confrontation between the police and supporters. The police dogs and officers on horseback. An agent who had fallen from his horse during a charge, got steps of supporters, as it turned out images on regional media. The police are doing further research into violence and destruction.

Except in the home supporters, the police also searched three homes in Enschede in connection with the investigation. In one of the houses was a party not like real ones "dummy" weapons found.

The police is also investigating the relationship with members of motorcycle gangs that "full colour" among visitors in Anil have been reported. She looks or involved in drug trafficking and intimidation, violence and conducting a selective door policy at the supporters home.

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