Shortage of blood donors in Tangier (video)

There are more blood donors needed in Tangier, but there are many people who claim it is a risk to their health.

Fear, distrust, lack of awareness ... are some of the reasons why the inhabitants of the city too little blood donate.

In the blood donation center in Tanger daily 50 people donate their blood, while the Center is aimed at at least 80 volunteers per day to get a good offer.

In this report of Lefr360 gives Dr. K. Kenny, the Director of the Centre, to the lack of blood donors to regret and called for the generosity of citizens, in particular with the approach of the month of Ramadan in which the offer drastically reduced.

The doctor ensures the safety of the receivers by the multiple analyses performed on the blood samples.

Latest figures show that there were opposite in Morocco 310,680 donors in 2016 297,700 donors in 2015. This amounts to an average of 0.95% Moroccan volunteers, the world average is 1% according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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