Marechaussee discriminates against an air passenger

The national ombudsman has the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary on Rotterdam The Hague Airport over the knuckles because of discrimination during checks of passengers.

Following a complaint by anti-discrimination agency Radar on behalf of a man with a dark complexion who felt discriminated against.

The man came in with four times the aircraft to 2015 in Rotterdam. Three times asked the military police to his passport, while other passengers from the Schengen countries, with light skin color, just could. Not once was his passport.

The ombudsman concludes that more objective criteria are needed at the controls. The man also got no clear answer why he always was singled out. That is why more explanation provided, according to the ombudsman.

The military police found the complaint not well-founded. And to the surprise of the ombudsman considers that the Secretary of Defense took over. The complainant got from the military police to be told that she regrets that he has experienced discrimination and that controls the State Trooper pulls lesson.

an air passenger